Referral Rewards Program

It’s time to use your IP-Bucks to grab yourself some swag! Or… skip the swag and use them to make a donation to one of our favorite charitable organizations. The choice is yours!

How do IP-Bucks work?

We LOVE referrals!  We love them so much….that when you send us referrals, we send you IP-Bucks.  Once you receive your IP-Bucks, you bring them here to redeem them for some cool swag.  Don’t want swag?  No problem!  You can use your IP-Bucks to donate actual money to one of our favorite charities!  No matter which rewards you choose…we hope you know how much we truly appreciate the referrals you send to us!

USING YOUR IP-BUCKS:  IP-Bucks come in five denominations….10, 20, 30, 40, and 50.  When you shop in the iProtect Rewards Store, those IP-Bucks have a 1:1 exchange rate with real money!  (In other words….10 IP-Bucks = $10.00)   Just select your items, enter your IP-Bucks code in the coupon box, and then proceed to checkout.