Our Story

We are iProtect

iPROTECT Insurance has evolved from a small boutique Nationwide Insurance Agency known as Scott Howell & Associates, Inc. that was formed in July of 2010 in Huntsville, Alabama. The agency has seen tremendous growth over the past 10 years and has transformed into a full service insurance, financial services and digital insurance center. The agency works with many of the insurance industries leading carriers to provide clients with the most competitive rates and best financial services products to fit the most unique needs.

The agency has current locations in Huntsville, Madison and Florence, Alabama. Additionally, the agency has entered into a strategic partnership with Andrew Martin and Atlas Financial Strategies, LLC. His firm specializes in estate planning, business planning and tax planning. Andrew has been voted the best Financial Advisor on the Gulf Coast each of the past 6 years and is recognized as part of the top 1% of financial professionals in the U.S.


iPROTECT Insurance is currently licensed in 27 States and in July of 2020 became a full service independent agency. The creation of the digital Insurance Center is based on the knowledge that individuals “Want to Buy the Way That They Want To Buy” but also want to be engaged with a local agent at the time of loss. We believe strongly that iPROTECT Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. provides exactly what our clients want and need by giving our members the ability to shop and purchase on their own terms while providing the agency experience & product knowledge necessary to ensure that they are getting the right product at the right price to meet their unique needs.

Many things have changed in the 21st Century but the fact of the matter is that no matter how you BUY INSURANCE, that policy still has to be underwritten, bound and a billing account has to be created. Our experience has been that our process and ease of doing business is unmatched in the insurance industry. We now have the ability to quote and bind policies over the phone using Docusign technology, while still giving our clients a point of contact in the event that you do experience a loss and need an experienced professional to hold your hand through the claims process. It truly is the best of both worlds.

At iPROTECT we still know your name, a REAL person still answers the phone and we still love to meet face-to-face with our clients if they so choose. Call or email us today or simply fill out our quick online form and have an agent call, email, video email or text you to design an insurance program to suit your needs.